Hellcat Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio working at the intersections of art, design, and technology. No two problems–or their solutions–are the same.

We work with individual artists, small non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. Projects cover the globe with a range of scopes, timelines, and budgets.


All of our work is custom. We have a conversation to best understand your problems and/or opportunities then decide on the scope of work, budget, and deliverables. We’re excited to hear from you! 

Improve efficiency, power new services and products, scale for growth, integrate digital technologies and do it sustainably. We work with you to reimagine your workflows, adopt new tools, and run smoothly without sacrificing your customer’s experience.

This work typically needs onboarding and change management services; the dog has to learn new tricks.

Money can’t buy a gracious host and your address doesn’t create a mood.  It takes teamwork, processes, points of service, light, texture, ergonomics, spatial design, sound, and more. These solutions combined will power your business and deliver unforgettable experiences–custom fit for your customers. 

It’s no secret that hospitality is a big deal to Cat. She believes every business is in hospitality; it’s what powers the world. And extensive travel has given her a front seat to the incredible, the okay, and the bad. She wants to bring those learnings to life! 

Yeah, maybe you have a website but is it good? Do you know what it looks like on a iPhone or a tablet? Do people know what you do? Have you checked out your Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List page recently? Do people know what your logo is? Restaurants, can we find your menu? Are you using your domain email? Are your photos nice? 

🚨 No? This is an emergency! 🚨 
We can do a lot with a little. Contact us right away.

It’s more than words – what you say, how you say it, and how it looks on any given media impacts your message. You need a clear and compelling message, now more than ever. Think of slide decks, one pagers, posters, infographics, packaging and labels, portfolios, presentation materials… we work with you to get your message across.

Cat has a black 31 blade Swiss Army knife that her parents gave her when she was 10. It has her name engraved on it. It’s fixed, cut, held, poke, screwed, hammered and pried just about everything.  

We’re like that–a Swiss Army knife. What can we help you with? Are you stuck? Working on a cool project? Have a space or a place that needs fixing? We may have a tool for that.